No Conquest the week and irregular release this month

Hi guys, 

I got a lot of work related stuff this month and will be on business trip for the next two weeks. The Conquest releases will be irregular until July. 

Sorry for the trouble, I will get as many chapters out as I can.


Conquest Chapter 93

Here is the new chapter of Conquest.

I know I promised more chapters last weekend and I actually finished them, but now that I move Conquest from Gravity, I lack editors…

My 2 main editors were busy and I searched for 3 days until I found someone…

Life is hard for unpopular novels, sigh…

Enjoy, the next chapter should be released tomorrow if I find an editor that is…

Conquest Chapter 91

Here is the next chapter of Conquest 🙂

I still need to catch up on 5 chapters, but it will take a while since I also need to translated TNC. I hope you will be patient with me 😀

I didn’t have time to get out more chapters this week, because the moving from Gravity back to my own blog took a while.

Every donation is highly appreciate it and I will release the donated chapters once I cleared the regular queue.

Here is the next chapter, enjoy!